Monday, 27 May 2013


To the, Patient of West Bengal & the patients of neighbor-sates of West Bengal ( those who are suffering with lost of an eye or two eyes)...for them only, introducing....

  • KARUNAMAYEE PROSTHETIC EYE CLINIC...   (Ethical, Certified, Trusted)

First time in Eastern India,


The complete solution of disfigured eye... 

No need to step out far away...

Artificial-eye or Ocular prosthesis is fitting at your hometown (Kolkata) now...get the facility soon.... (The patient of Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Tripura,  Chattisgaar can get this facility from their nearest or neighbor-state...)

  • The Palliative care is the achievement of the best quality of life for patient and their families. Eye are generally first features of the face to be noticed. Loss of an eye or two eyes is a traumatic event which has crippling effect on the physiology of the patient. Several ocular and orbital disorders re quint surgical intervention that may result in ocular defects due to economic factor, it may not be a feasible option for the all patient.    
  • Therefore a Customized Ocular Prosthesis (Artificial Eye) should be a good alternative. 
  • With the help of an artificial eye, patient can achieve their loosen confidence again.

  • Patients should get aware of this type of rehabilitation facility.
  • There is two types of Artificial Eyes are available in the markets, one is Stock or ready-made eye and another is Customized Ocular Prosthesis (COP). 
  • Though the patient of South-India and North India are getting this Customized facility vastly but East and North-East Indian can not be facilitated  by this service yet, who are using Stock eye till now, which is not suitable, comfortable well comestible anyway to human eye socket.
    • Through Customized artificial eye, an one eyed patient (or who have not two eyes) can get back his/her facial cosmetics appearance up to 90%.
    • We are always at your service.

    Stock or Ready-made Ocular Prosthesis.

  • We are introducing something difference about artificial eye, Customize Ocular Prosthesis, really a different kind of artificial eye, through which affected people can make them confident or beautified again, purely, easily...

Something like that...

Customize Ocular Prosthesis 









The case of Retinoblastoma (an internal malignant-tumor of eye)...

The kid, unfortunately suffering by Retinoblastoma (an eye cancer), underwent the surgery Enucleation of his Right eye, and treatment is continuing of Left eye.


Another cases of Retinoblastoma...





Another cases...









Something really interesting case of artificial eye...


(The patient was suffering by Retinal detachment, on his 17 years of age and one eye had to be operated and another became shrunk inside(phthisical eye), the patient got totally blind on his 20 years of age.)


Services of KPEC....

  1. Life like Custom-made Ocular Prosthesis with Natural eye movement as compare to original eye...

watch the video of eye movement...


watch the video of eye movement...



2. Self-Lubricating Ocular Prosthesis...
  (This type of artificial eye made technically and by advanced Bio-material and patient would not feel any dryness during wearing this. Patient do not need to put eye-drops externally, just after fill the chamber once, then drops will comes out each and every blinking itself.)

Empty transparent chamber

filled up by Lubricating eye-drop
Any body can refill the chamber 

3. Light-weight Ocular Prosthesis....
(This type of artificial eye made by a sophisticate technical procedure and also an advanced Bio-materials. Users, those who have a big eye cavity volume, would not feel any heaviness during wearing this, and there will be no eye-lid-lag for gravity cause of its's light-weight, this prosthesis usually 3 times lighter than the normal one, applicable only for those who have a large eye cavity problem.)

Heavy weight Prosthesis made
against large volume cavity

It usually can not float into the water 

Light-weight prosthesis, with transparent
 back surface

Light-weight Prosthesis , can easily float into water cause of its
 light weight, it's just like an egg.  

 Custom-made Scleral shell, is the solution for the patient who have Phthisical-Eye...

(Patient with Phthisical eye)
(Scleral Shell has fitted over Right eye,
it is just like an egg-shell.)

5. Iris-painted Conformers, are usually fitted to the patient with a disfigured and opaque cornea with optimum volume...

(Iris Painted Conformers)
6. Conventional Ophthalmic Conformers,
  (available in Ready-made and Custom-made Both), are generally use in contracted eye socket expansion...
(Conventional Ready made conformers)

(Special Piggy-back Conformers)

(Customize Pressure Conformers)

7. Symblepharon Ring (ready made/ custom made)...
(This ring is designed to prevent retraction of the conjunctival cul-de-sacs without touching the cornea.)

(Symblepharon Rings)

8. Hydrogel Conformers...
(This type of conformers are use as an eye socket expander to the congenital anophthalmos)

9. Anophthalmic and Microphthalmic Socket         management...

10. Crutch Spectacle...
   (This special type of spectacle is use generally at Ptosis - the drooping of upper eye-lid, correction.)

11. Cosmetic Contact lens...


  • To get more about KPEC's Clinic and Laboratory please visit the blog named as: 'Asian Ocularist'

  • We are here to get you back your happiness, beauty and confidence again, so, this is a heartily request to all of people, that please aware with this management, this subject well an inform to others. There are so many people who really need this type of service but just for lac of awareness they are not able to get that. The service is available for any stage of age (from newborn to old) at your door, but lots of people has no any type of knowledge about that.
  • If you are the sufferer one of eye loss problem then do not hesitated to contact us and inform others to contact us too any time, we will be glad to help you to rehabilitate in your society.
  • To get more about the subject, about the clinic, please visit the blogs, named as:
  1. Asian Ocularist,
  2. Ocularistry and Ocularist , get aware of them well,
  3. Self lubricating Ocular prosthesis,
  4. Low-weight Ocular Prosthesis.

Contact details:

Siddhartha Banerjee
Mr. Siddhartha Banerjee, (Bsc Optm/ FLVPEI)  
(Clinical Optometrist/ Certified Ocularist)
Chief Ocularist: Karunamayee Prosthetic Eye Clinic.
Ph: 08170838233/ 09641792026

[Clinic Address:
Karunamayee Prosthetic Eye Clinic,
managing by, City Eye Care Center,
2, P.C.Sorcar Sarani, Ekdalia Road, Kolkata-700019, West Bengal, India.]

                                       Smile and confidence forever...


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